About Us

belinda1.fixedsAbout The Pianosmith LLC – Belinda McGuire I have repaired and restored pianos since 2004. I have also played the piano for more than 25 years and was trained by a concert pianist. I have relative pitch and can hear the slightest changes in tone. I tune pianos using both aural methods and an electronic tuning device. I always check the finished tuning pitch using aural comparisons of tone. I have been a member of the Piano Technician’s Guild since 2000 and have attended North Bennett Street School for piano technician training. I have apprenticed under top piano technicians as part of my training. I work on pianos because I have a lifelong love for playing the piano. I believe the piano is the “king” of all instruments because it is demanding to play and well as to maintain. I have a Master’s Degree in Studio Art in Furniture Design, Build, and Restoration, as well as a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, both from Eastern Michigan University. I specialize in woodcarving and bronze sculptures. I am an Associate member of the Piano Technicians Guild, and expect to complete my RPT certification in 2015. I also have an Installation and Maintenance Certification from Dampp Chaser. I work on both upright and various models of grand pianos. I perform key restorations and action restorations in studio, field stringing of pianos, finish repairs and rebuilds of grand lyres. I can also repair or remake ornamental carvings in studio on historic furniture and pianos.

Makes and Model of Pianos I have worked on… Baldwin, Boston, Beckstein, Chickering, Everett, Essex, Grinnell, Kawaii, Kimball, Kohler and Campbell, Pearl, Steinway, Steinweg, and Yamaha to name a few. I have also worked on various old pianos that their names over time have escaped my memory.

I work on all models of pianos including…

  • Spinets, Console, Studio and Full Upright pianos
  • Baby Grand, Conservatory Grand and Concert Grand pianos

I work in western Wayne, Washtenaw, Lenawee and Monroe counties in southeast Michigan, and west Lucas County in Ohio.