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The Pianosmith LLC provides complete piano tuning and piano restoration services in western Wayne, Washtenaw, Lenawee and Monroe counties in Southeast Michigan, and west Lucas County in Ohio. Count on The Pianosmith LLC for:

Piano Tuning

  • Fine-tuning
  • Pitch Correction
  • Voicing

Piano Stringing

  • Repair of broken strings
  • Replacement of plain-wire and bass strings
  • Repair or replacement of loose tuning pins

Key Restoration

  • Natural key top replacement
  • Front and rail bushing replacement
  • Minor ivory repairs
  • Key Leveling

Action Repair and Restoration For Grand and Upright Pianos

  • Hammer head replacement
  • Hammer butt replacement
  • Wippen replacement
  • Damper head repair and replacement
  • Repair and replacement of damper and underlever assembly
  • Regulation

Dampp Chaser System Installations and Maintenance

Pedal Repair and Restoration

  • Upright piano pedal repair and restoration
  • Grand lyre repair and restoration

Piano Case Repairs

  • Chipped veneers
  • Polyester finishes
  • Nick/scratch repairs
  • Caster repair and replacement

Woodworking and Ornamental Carving

  • Lathe work for turned parts (legs, spindles, benches, decorative parts)
  • Relief and 3D carving on legs and historic furniture